About The Grooming Rigg

Founded by Janet Rigg in 1985, The Grooming Rigg has been offering affordable, quality dog and cat pet grooming in Hillsborough, NJ for the last 30 years. We are pet owners ourselves, so we understand how much our animal clients are loved by their owners. We treat every animal we groom with care and respect, and our focus is always on their safety and comfort.

Groomed Beagle in Hillsborough NJ In addition to grooming cats and dogs, we also provide grooming services for pigs, hamsters, rabbits and other small animals. We make sure every animal client has a safe and healthy grooming experience by never letting animals mingle with each other and always requiring proof of rabies vaccination before any grooming appointment. We take pride in providing reasonable rates, while treating each animal we groom as a unique, special client. Still have a few questions? Feel free to check out our Grooming Q&A for common questions and answers.

Please contact us today to discuss our rates or to schedule an appointment for your pet with one of our dog groomers.