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What is a “Full Grooming Service” at The Grooming Rigg?

Full Dog Grooming Services for Golden Retrievers

When it comes to keeping your pet clean, we do a lot more than bathe and trim. Think of all you do to keep yourself neat and tidy…we do the same for your little buddy.  Check out our list of grooming tasks below—many can also be done at home to keep your friend clean and comfortable between grooming appointments.

Brushing: With any dog, one of the best things you can do is make sure your pet’s coat is regularly brushed. While this is something we do at The Grooming Rigg, brushing at home keeps your pet happy and healthy between grooming visits. Brushing helps remove loose hair and dirt, and prevents matting. This should be done before you give your dog a bath. Bathing tightens mats and traps moisture next to the skin where it can cause irritations.

Cleaning the Ears: Letting your dog’s ears get dirty can easily lead to infections. Make sure they are cleaned on a regular basis. This is especially true of breeds with floppy ears and those with heavy coats. The best way to go about this is to wet a cotton ball with a solution made for cleaning dogs’ ears. However, do not go too far into the ear. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, it is best to leave it to a professional groomer.

Tooth Brushing
: Whenever dogs are groomed, they should have their teeth brushed. Just like with humans, getting both sides of the teeth clean is important. Either doggy toothpaste can be used or just water. Heavy plaque deposits cannot be removed by brushing, however, so that’s a job for your vet. But regular brushing can help keep teeth clean and discourage tooth problems from developing.

Drying: Pets washed at home are often not dried, or not dried fully. For some breeds, this may not pose a problem, but others need to be fully dried, and that can be a tedious process. At The Grooming Rigg we blow dry your pet, fluffing out the coat and removing any additional hair loosened by washing. And pets love it—it’s toasty warm and soothing.

Pet Nail Clipping Services in Hillsborough NJ

Nail Clipping: Many dogs hate having their nails trimmed while others have no problem with it. Nails should be trimmed regularly and not allowed to become overgrown, which can harm your pet. If it proves to be too difficult a task to do at home, bring your friend in for a nail trim. It’s quick, inexpensive, and worth it. At The Grooming Rigg, nail trims don’t require an appointment (although it’s wise to call first to find the best time to come by). Also keep in mind that cut nails can be sharp. A dog scratching at itself (or you!) after a nail trim can cause serious skin abrasions. At The Grooming Rigg we can gently grind down those sharp nails to reduce the chances of cuts and scratches.

Coat Trimming: It’s typical for dogs to get regular haircuts, but there are areas that may require more frequent trimming and should be inspected regularly at home. Hair growing around the eyes can limit your dog’s vision which can be dangerous. Also, hair growing between foot pads and underneath the tail is better kept neat and trim. If your pet has any skin problems, keeping their coat trim around the problem areas can help healing.

Most of the tasks listed above are included in the standard grooming service your pet will enjoy at The Grooming Rigg. Some, like teeth brushing and nail grinding, are performed on request and may require a small additional charge. You can bring your little friend in for a full grooming at our Hillsborough, NJ location, or just a trim or nail clip, whatever your needs may be. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact The Grooming Rigg today.

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