Fleas and Ticks: Preventative Care for Man’s Best Friend

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The flea and tick season is upon us. As the weather warms and the humidity increases fleas become all the more active and your pet is at risk. It doesn’t really matter if your dog is the outdoors type or spends most of his time hanging around inside the house, if fleas are in the area there’s a very good chance they will find their way to your little buddy. Ticks operate a bit differently in that they don’t go looking for your pet but wait for their meal to come to them. The problem is that it takes only a split second for your dog to brush up against some weeds or tall grass and have a waiting tick hitch a ride. And where there is one, you can be sure there are plenty more.

How are you going to protect your pet?

Prevention is the key. Once a flea problem develops in your home it requires a major effort to get rid of them. We have several products available for flea and tick prevention, including Biospot, which has worked extremely well for our clients. Properly used, Biospot can significantly reduce the chances of your pet encountering these problems. Biospot can be administered at home or we can apply it for you during a grooming service.

At The Grooming Rigg we are NJ certified applicators for flea and tick products. If, while grooming your pet, we determine a flea or tick problem exists we can act immediately to remove the critters from your dog or cat and advise a continuing treatment program.

If you have questions regarding flea and tick treatments, not sure if you need them or how to deal with the problem, please contact us. We are the professionals and are happy to advise.

And remember, the grooming process can help keep your pet and her coat fresh and healthy during these hot summer months. Regular visits to the groomer goes far in heading off flea and tick problems as well as the many other issues our wonderful little friends sometimes encounter.

Written by The Grooming Rigg

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