Pet Grooming Q & A

Q. Does my pet need professional grooming?

A. Every animal is unique and some need grooming more often than others. However, all animals benefit from being professionally groomed on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Q.How often should I have my pet groomed?

A. Some dogs have weekly appointments, while others are fine with yearly visits. This depends on the length of their coats, their living situation, their owner preferences and how often they are normally groomed. The average pet benefits from grooming appointments every four to six weeks.

Q. My dog doesn’t need a bath during winter months, does he?

A.Dog skin behaves a lot like human skin. Their skin can become dry and uncomfortable during the winter months because of a lack of moisture. Giving your pet a moisturizing bath can help ease discomfort.

Q. When and how do I introduce my new puppy to grooming?

A. Puppies benefit from being introduced to a wide variety of new people and activities as soon as possible. This includes grooming. Introducing your pet to gentle grooming at a young age will make grooming easier in the end. Consult your vet before you make a professional grooming appointment for your pet.

Q. What other benefits will my pet enjoy from professional grooming?

A. Our trained groomers often notice matted fur or skin conditions that are normally hard to see. While we never try to treat or diagnose serious medical conditions, we are able to alert owners to signs that their animal has a medical problem.

Please feel free to call our boutique with any grooming questions or concerns!