Pet Grooming in a Hillsborough Winter

dog grooming in winterIn the winter, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors. Our skin can get dry, flaky and itchy, so we need to use moisturizers and humidifiers. What about our dogs? They, too, experience dry skin in the winter. It’s a smart idea to give them several moisturizing baths during the winter months. At The Grooming Rigg, dog grooming in Hillsborough, New Jersey, we know how beneficial frequent baths can be for your dog’s skin.

In addition, your pet’s coat can get matted and messy in the winter. Many people mistakenly believe that brushing is for looks only. In fact, brushing your dog’s fur helps distribute natural oils, while giving you the opportunity to check for ticks and fleas (which can be an issue in winter, contrary to some misconceptions).

When dogs have to go outside to “do their business” in the winter, their paws can be exposed to dirt, rock salt, toxins like antifreeze, ice and snow. Did you know there are protective balms you can apply to a dog’s paws to help protect them when they go outside? And it’s not uncommon to see dogs wearing “booties,” which are cute and serve to keep paws warm and protected from harmful materials.

Many dog owners resist the idea of dog sweaters, believing them to be silly or extravagant. But a cold winter wind can quickly demonstrate that sweaters are not solely for style. Even though a dog’s fur does a good job of keeping it warm in cold weather, older dogs and smaller or short haired breeds might benefit quite a bit from a nice winter sweater.
Whatever the season, check out our website if you have any specific questions about dog grooming tips, or would like to schedule an appointment to have your dog bathed, brushed, clipped and kept winter-ready by professionals.

Written by The Grooming Rigg

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